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Hello, my name is Donna Miller. I was born July of 1969 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and raised in a small town called Grants, also in New Mexico. I have had a passion for massage therapy and teaching since I was 8 years old. I practiced these by teaching my younger brother math with an old timer desk and chalk board, then once done with his lesson I would go on to massage my Dads back while he laid on the floor reading the paper and watching TV at night. I recall drawing pictures in the thick lotion for around 2 hours each time. Although, I no longer draw pictures in the lotion on his back, I was given the privilege of giving him massages for 4 years while he lost his battle with bone cancer. I moved to Texas in 1988 shortly after graduating high school and in 1991 I purchased my 1st massage table and started giving massages to my friends and family at no charge. I enjoyed the healing that it brought to them. In 1995 I moved to Lubbock, Texas, and since then I have become more passionate about massage and its healing properties. In 2003 when I was laid off from a long term job, I decided to practice full time what I had always loved to do, massage therapy! I started school in August of 2003 at a local Massage School, and before I was finished with school I hired 3 Licensed Massage Therapists and opened Rub Me The Right Way in Jan of 2004 with a much larger massage dream in mind. I had a dream of providing massage to all whom over the years kept giving excuses for not getting massages. One excuse was “I don’t have time”, so I set my office hours from 9 AM to 9 PM seven days a week. Then I would hear, “it’s just for people who want pampering”, so I created a medical atmosphere where medical charts were a part of my practice. With these charts, I could monitor progress and healing with each visit and note each client’s personal preferences for the different massage therapists that would work on them. Once I received my Massage Therapy License in Feb of 2004, I proceeded to take over 150 hours of continuing education classes all over Texas and other US states in massage modalities such as Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports, Hot Stone, Mother to Be, Massage Ethics, and more. One last excuse I would hear “It’s so hard to get into see you” so I hired several more massage therapists and started to train them to perform my massage techniques and made the office walk-in friendly with no appointment needed to get in. In early 2005, I was training a massage therapist who said that “I was not an instructor, and had no right to be teaching”, so in March of 2005 I took a class on teaching adult learners and applied for and then received my Massage Therapy Instructors License. Once licensed as an Instructor, I proceeded to write 8 continuing education courses with my own New Mexico flair in massage techniques such as Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sports, Mother To Be, Stretching Upper Body, Stretching Lower Body, Repetitive Stress Relief, and Reflexology. In late 2005, I started accepting insurance claims that require a doctor’s referral and filed claims for clients with workers comp, PIP, and Liability Ins. After doing a few claims, I decided that my second passion in life was teaching and it needed to come to life. I then applied for my Continuing Education Providers License in October 2005 and have since taught over 1000 hours of continuing education classes to Licensed Massage Therapists all over Texas and NM to uphold their license. In July of 2006, I went to work part time for a different massage school in town, to teach their Intensive Basic course to 30 students. After comparing the 2 schools, I decided to prepare my own 500 hour program and open my own massage school. After starting the process in late 2006, I applied for my Massage School License and opened RMTRW Massage School in Nov 2007. I started my first massage class Feb 2008, and now have taught over 10,000 hours to 20 massage programs. With all of this training and knowledge, I take pride in making sure that my staff and students have the training needed to provide our clients with all the variety of Medical Massage Therapies that Rub Me the Right Way offers.


Although Rub Me the Right Way Massage Center is no longer open until 9 PM (we now close at 8 PM Tue-Fri. and at 5 PM Sat & Mon), we all still strive to provide a professional atmosphere. With a client base of over 27,000 (as of 6/2016), ranging from 1 years old to 98 years old, and with recent remodeling accommodations to 5200 Sq. Ft. for our growing practice, we now can accommodate up to 17 people at one time. Rub Me the Right Way is growing to make our clients’ needs even more convenient and our wonderful and caring staff gives you the personalized attention you need to feel better. Please visit us today and enjoy learning more about us through our newly updated web site Rubmetherightway.com.