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RMTRW Massage Method
We offer 8 Continuing Education Classes
Each Continuing Education Class is
ONLY $150.00

CE Code: SCY

Stretching your Clients with massage

In this class you will learn how stretching your clients with massage will greatly benefit them during your sessions and increase your portfolio of added services by creating new skills and techniques geared towards a sports massage routine. These skills will be taught on a hydraulic lift table to reinforce core techniques as well as emphasize the benefit of upgrading your table from a portable table to a hydraulic table.

CE Code: SPT

Sports Massage, not just for athletes anymore. Add active and passive joint movements to your massage session.

This class in’t just for your clients who are athletes, but instead can be applied to all clients. See how to add both passive and active joint movements in tandum with a hydrauic table which will demonstrate the stark difference between a still table and a hydraulic one.

CE Code: DTW

Deep tissue work without the hurt

Tired of hurting yourself while trying to ease the pain of your clients? Here you will be learning key core techniques with the help of a hydraulic table as well as skills you can take along with a portable table. There is no need to hurt yourself or others while doing deep trigger point work.

With this class you will be working on glutes, skin on skin using a diaper draping technique.

CE Code: RSR

Repetitive Stress Relief- Helping clients with migraines, TMJ, carpal tunnel, and Sciatica

Help your clients with symptoms from migraines, TMJ, carpal tunnel, and Sciatica issues, whether from the stress of a desk job or other causes. You will learn to utilize techniques involving a hydraulic table as well as the differances with a stable table.

With this class you will be working inside the client’s mouth with latex gloves

CE Code: MTB

Mother to be massage and clients with special needs

Special opportunity to learn how to position and massage during a side lying position for clients who are expecting or have special needs. You will have the opportunity to work on 1 to 2 pregnant women during this class for hands on training in this 6 hour CE class offered only at RMTRW Massage School.

CE Code: HSM

Hot Stone Massage

In this class you will learn to move along the body with hot stones to melt the muscles with the heat from basalt rocks. The benefits of this massage will feel even better than the session itself and your client will love the feeling of coming out of this massage during colder months.

CE Code: BMS

Introduction to Reflexology

With this CE class you will lern the common areas on peoples’ faces, hands, and feet that have relatable points in the body in treating issues by stimulating reflex points during an hour session. This will include work with parrafin wax for the hands as well as a foot bath.

CE Code: BMS

Marketing yourself as a Massage Therapist

Marketing yourself can be one of the hardest things about being self-employed. This class will show you how to put yourself in just the right areas to be successful as well as teach you the tools you will need to get started in this wonderful career. Focus points: Professionalism during intake, how to get rebookings through a plan of care, online scheduling, why gift certificates should be a part of your practice, email marketing with a social presence, and tracking the right clients.

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To keep the cost of our classes low we have a reasonable request, if you have to cancel, please follow the schedule below to do so:

To CANCEL or RESCHEDULE any class you must call 806-866-0089

14 Days PRIOR to start of class day for a FULL refund. Cancellations 14-8 days will result in class credit only,

and 7 or less days will result in no refund OR class credit.